Super easy ways to save time, save money, and increase EBITDA

As we begin to prepare our businesses for life post "shelter-in place" order, we're recognizing that the way of work is changing...possibly forever. The quarantine-induced mass move to remote working has seemingly done us a favor.  It's forced us to re-think the way we work.

As our "commute" and "miles on the road for business" have been significantly cut back, remote working has given us time to reassess what we do and to prepare for another new normal.

But it's more than that. The quarantines have made us realize how vulnerable our businesses are to things beyond our control. We now crave systems and technologies that not only eliminate human work hours but that easily scale up or down in line with our shifting revenues and payroll so it's easier for us to right-size our organizations on short notice.

When it comes to insurance, here's some VANTREO insight that may be extremely pertinent to you when it comes to aligning cost with revenues in your business.

  • Best-In-Class Workforce Re-Entry Technology - Our Navigator HR Onboarding and Benefits Admin technology fast-tracks employee re-entry (or any HR onboarding). This robust, complimentary, national platform translates into 26 languages, provides instant and almost unlimited access to benefit cost reporting (including furloughed employee costs), not to mention, the health plan comparisons. No need for a PEO. Navigator lets you maintain employer control and eliminate PEO admin fees.
  • National COVID-19 Triage - Fast, convenient, and inexpensive private doctor consultation by phone, email, or online video. Doctors assess symptoms and advise a treatment plan (including over the counter medication or a prescription). If a COVID test is recommended, the nearest testing location (or in-home kit) is provided.  This service also responds to help team members and their families (particularly those that are uninsured) with minor, common, non-emergency, medical conditions.
  • Scaled Work Comp Costs - Pay-as-you-go workers compensation policies eliminate the down-payment. Premium is charged on actual payroll only. Dashboard service immediately updates your OSHA logs as each claim is filed. Loss reports and trending information are updated in real time.
  • Instant Access Insurance Certificates and Auto ID cards - We find that technology is very good at "instant" and offers the self-serve option of sending out certificates directly online.  It's easy and saves time. If you are interested, just let us know Click here . For a quick overview, check out the orientation video.  Standard setup time is 24-48 business hours. You also have instant access to your Auto ID cards. In fact, just about all VANTREO insurance documents are available by dashboard 24/7.
  • Virtual Corporate Training - VANTREO offers a short list of uniquely designed workshops that are proven to reduce risk, increase profit, develop leaders, and help companies grow. These workshops, now available virtually, allow participates to interact and explore the concepts as a team. Certificates of completion are provided to those who successfully complete each course. We also offer hundreds of on-demand online webinars and Safety Meetings To-Go™.

Technology has become oxygen for our society.  As we come out of the quarantines, we all face a unique opportunity to upgrade our online platforms and improve our preparedness.

VANTREO is built on scalable technology. Before COVID-19, over 70% of our workforce operated remotely (today it is about 95%). VANTREO has been paperless since 2007.


We specialize in maximizing online and tech-driven results. If you are interested in learning how much time we can save your organization or would like to tour our platform, just let us know here.  Thank you!