The Critical Reason to Carry Business Income Insurance

Business Income insurance, in general, pays for a business’ net income (or loss) plus continuing normal operating expenses, including payroll, in the event of loss resulting from damage to insured property.

Most of the contracts business owners sign will have insurance provisions that often include business income coverage requirements.

This is critical insurance for business recovery in the event of catastrophic loss.

A Difficult Application

The applications required for Business Income insurance can be confusing, designed in accounting-ease, and time-consuming to complete.

Too often, business owners resist the application process and may even forgo purchasing adequate insurance as a result.  

A Fantastic Solution

We made it our priority to create the simplest, most efficient, business income application on the planet.

Mission accomplished. It’s a single, fillable page that requires just 8 numbers…and the mathematical calculation is built into the form!  

The information requested is easily forecasted based on a budget or simple financial statement. Most people can complete it in about 5 minutes!

Here it is…you will want to hold on to this one!  Simplified Business Income & Extra Expense application.

For more details, and a few important Business Income Insurance considerations, click here.

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