The Tubbs Fire that incinerated our Santa Rosa home in 2017 also underscored that  “Opportunity lies in every challenge.”

Our unexpected, three-year, post-fire journey was steeped in adventure, opportunities, and a most incredible deepening of relationships on so very many levels.

This year, we finally moved back into a new, fully updated version of our home. Sometimes the whole thing seems like a dream.

But it certainly was not a dream!

We moved back into our home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic…the newest “new normal”. Like everyone else, we live in a world of masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing, illness, and death. People are shut-in. Businesses are shutdown.

And yet, “Opportunity lies in every challenge”.

Like the fire, COVID has created “challenge” for pretty much everyone…a boatload of challenge!

But new problems and new challenges, that we, as business people, may be in a unique position to solve, are a gift.

As we step into 2021, what problems are each of us uniquely positioned to solve? Where can we be the white knights to save the day?

Now is the time when, with a little “action”, a mere concept can be turned into a major success!


From all of us at VANTREO, may you have an amazing new year launch!

Thank you for your partnership and for your business!