Working doesn't look like it used to. With "mobile," we are "on" anytime, anywhere. We are more diverse than ever. And, our clients expect us, their advisors to proactively provide solutions for their changing needs and to make their lives more convenient. They want us to make doing business with us as easy as possible.

Here are 10 of the newest convenience trends in commercial insurance available from VANTREO...

1. Insurance Certificates - Pull down the template. Select the endorsements. Fill in the cert holder and job description. Send.  1-3 minutes per certificate. (Automated Certificate Tracking also available)

2. Automobile ID Cards - Select the vehicle. Click "Issue."  Print or forward. 1 minute per ID card.

3. Automated Applications - Fill out online with a completion gauge to view real time progress. Common data pre-fills other insurance applications, new and renewal. Uses e-signatures. Hours of redundant data-entry eliminated.

4. Claim Monitoring - Automated, scheduled, delivery of CompZone work comp claim reports, and/or automobile loss trending results. No need to ask for updates. Actionable much sooner. 

5. Work Comp Claims - Claims filed online. OSHA logs and customized trending reports immediately updated in real time. 75% of redundant data-entry eliminated. 

6. Compliance Trainings - Trackable, on-demand compliance courses. Order live workshops (your place or ours). Access safety meetings to-go. Bilingual available.

7. Quick Calculators - Determine a loss of business income limit. Ballpark work comp over payment caused by a high experience mod. VANTREO calculators get the job done in a few minutes.

8. Automobile Loss Control- Real time claim transparency and trending. Fleet safety program development and implementation, monitored online. Costly lag time eliminated.

9. Benefits Enrollment and HR Admin - Instant access 24/7. New hire & open enrollment. Simplified ACA compliance. Generate 1095-C's. Self-service for employees. HR hotline and compliance resources. 

10. Self-service 24/7 Online Dashboard - Access insurance information anytime you need it...yet knowing that the technology is backed by live expertise. We bring a human-service safety net.

VANTREO delivers these new conveniences and is committed to aligning your insurance service with your other digital expectations (Amazon, Uber, Wayfair, etc.) 

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VANTREO Delivers Convenience