10 Key Insights into Conversations that Get Business Referrals


People get excited about making a referral when they know the person they are referring has the ability to “connect”. But what does “connect” really mean?

Connection refers to the ability to “relate” to another person. It requires being “human first”.

The easy referral is made to someone we know is immediately likeable, and who can quickly infuse trust, confidence, and amazing professional expertise into a new relationship. The easy referral is the one we know will create value, be fun, and will make us look really good!

Most of us believe we “rate high” in our ability to relate to others. And yet, we’re puzzled when someone withholds information or fails to refer us, particularly when we know we can help.

There is a secret component to every confident business referral. It’s what makes a referral so valuable.

Here’s the secret…

Every enthusiastic business recommendation or referral is based on “a memorable, high-value conversation”, often more than one.

The key to getting more referrals is in our ability to create more memorable, high-value conversations…conversations the referrer can’t wait to share with someone else.

Here are 10 key insights into creating a memorable, high-value conversation…

1. Come into a new conversation curious about the other person. Forget the small talk.

2. Cultivating dialogue is the name of the game. Engage to gain trust vs. presenting our own agenda.

3. Human beings are made of stories. Listen to them with a true desire to understand and to connect.

4. When we approach a conversation with complete openness, it allows for more information to follow.

5. People will never fill out a questionnaire the way they will reveal in person.

6. 65% of both communication and connection is non-verbal. Look at the face. Even an eyebrow change can shift the value of the conversation. Use a camera if a face-to-face meeting is not feasible.

7. Our own stories, passionately shared,  may illustrate an important point, but should be shared sparingly and only at the most strategic moment.  

8. Alignment is created when there is clarity and confidence.This is where we create the relational memories that spark our future referrals.

9. Decide together both what is important and the action plan moving forward.

10. Successful business leaders are always on the look-out for the next “real deal” …a proven new idea, strategy, and/or solution to upgrade and enhance their business outcomes. Stay in touch. 

Renowned public speaker, certified Financial Transition Professional, and communication expert, Emily Scott, shares a great visual of the communication “sweet spot” … the place of alignment where clarity and relational confidence is achieved. It’s where we become “their person” related to our area of expertise.

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