the big questions…

Why VANTREO? We believe in protecting our clients and in doing everything in our power to increase client profitability. As a client of VANTREO, you can rest assured that our goal is to provide you with world class service for your insurance purchase, protection against unexpected loss, and tools to help you and/or your organization grow profitably. We are an “insurance concierge”. We take care of the important details and often achieve the seemingly impossible on our client’s behalf. For answers to your more specific questions, just hover over the concierge bell above. It is our pleasure to serve you.
how can I make sure I get paid if I have a claim?
Not everything is covered by insurance. The best way to make sure you get paid if you have a claim is to invest an hour or so upfront in learning what your insurance covers and what is generally excluded. Should you have a claim where insurance coverage is in question…ask “Is insurance available that would have covered this claim? ”If the answer is “yes” then the next question should be “Was I offered that coverage?” Insurance brokers and insurance adjusters want any claim experience to be positive. The key to claims satisfaction is in making sure that your most significant risks have been identified, proactively minimized and properly insured before a claim occurs.
how can I get cheap insurance?
Another way to ask this question is… “What do I or my organization have to do to pay as little as possible for insurance? The answer is simple… be who the insurance underwriters want to insure more than anyone else. This includes getting the best insurance quotes from the best insurance companies. VANTREO helps you do this by quoting insurers who specialize in the insurance you are looking for. We also help you prevent insurance claims and professionally coach you as you make your coverage choices.
what is an insurance broker?
An insurance broker is a licensed insurance professional who represents the client in the purchase, placement and servicing of an insurance policy or policies from one or more insurance providers. Insurance brokers are different from insurance agents yet brokers are often referred to as agents. Insurance agents work for an insurance company representing the products and services of that insurer. The people of VANTREO work for our clients as an insurance broker and risk manager.
how to become an insurance broker?
A career in the insurance industry can have tremendous earning potential. The process of becoming an insurance broker begins with getting licensed. This includes taking pre-licensing courses (generally about 52 hours), passing a state background check, fingerprinting, and passing the licensing examination (about 150 questions on the Fire & Casualty license exam and about 75 on most others). The next step is in getting an apprenticeship position at a successful insurance brokerage. While a career in the insurance industry can be quite lucrative, becoming proficient in the insurance industry is not necessarily a quick process. A commercial insurance apprenticeship often takes at least 5 years (less for the personal insurance broker or agent). A background in working with a particular type of industry or client or having top sales skills can serve you well in speeding up both the learning and the earning process. If you are interested in an insurance career, please check out Careers here at VANTREO.